Crorepati Winners and What They Are Doing Now after 21 Years of KBC

Crorepati Winners and What They Are Doing Now after 21 Years of KBC

Here is a look at the past winners of Kaun Banega Crorepati and what they are up to these days as the show celebrates 21 years on television.

On television, Kaun Banega Crorepati has been running for 21 years. The show is well renowned for making its contestants crorepati within a few hours if they are fortunate and clever enough to give all the right answers, in addition to the legendary hosting by Amitabh Bachchan. Through this show, numerous Indians have won millions of dollars throughout the years. What are these victors doing now, and who are they? You can also win KBC Lucky Draw 2024 if you participate in this lucky draw.

As the first contestant in Season 1 of Kaun Banega Crorepati, Harwardhan Nawathe was preparing for the civil services examination. Harshavardhan pursued additional education in the UK after receiving the prize money and is currently a senior employee of a global conglomerate organisation.

The second crorepati to win one crore in the second season was Brajesh Dubey of Guna. Son of former national hockey umpire K N Dubey, he is an engineer by trade, and he currently enjoys a successful life and work with his family. Unfortunately, nobody was able to take home the top prize in the third season.

Rahat Taslim, who came from a Muslim middle-class household, was the season four winner. Due to family pressures, she got married young and later won Rs 1 crore. With the winnings, she started a clothing company in Giridh, Jharkhand.

The sum was raised to Rs 5 crore by the time Sushil Kumar participated in Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 5. He was pursuing IAS officer training. This man from Bihar lost his composure after earning the large sum, indulged in the wrong company, and made some poor choices. He is now a teacher though, having emerged from the dark period. In the fifth season, Kolkata native Anil Kumar Sinha also took home a crore each.

Manoj Kumar Raina won Rs 1 crore in the sixth season. The railroad worker had stated that he intended to use the winnings to return to his hometown of Kashmir and construct a house there. KBC Lucky Winner 2024 will also live a happy life if he gets the winning amount up tp 7 crore.

Sunmeet Kaur Sawhney became the first woman to win Rs 5 crore on Kaun Banega Crorepati during this season. With the winnings, the budding fashion designer founded her own clothing company in Delhi with the help of her pals. She currently resides in Mumbai with her two daughters and actor husband Manmeet Singh.

A young girl named Firoz Fatima won Rs 1 crore in the seventh season and stated that she intended to use the money to pay back the debt her family incurred to pay for her father’s medical care. As of yet, there has been no news on her. In the seventh season, when the top prize was upped to Rs. 7 crore, Taj Mohammed Rangrez, a teacher, also took home Rs. 1 crore, but no one took home the largest sum.

In the eighth season, Sachin and Sarthak Narula became the first candidates to receive the maximum prize of Rs 7 crore. The citizens of Delhi used the funds to treat their mother’s cancer. They are both currently conducting business in Delhi.

There was a 3 year pause between Season 8 and Season 9. Anamika Majumdar was the sole contestant to win a crore in the ninth season, and she donated the money to her non-profit. In the tenth season, Binita Jain won a crore, and she put the money toward her son’s dental clinic. You can also participate in KBC Lottery 2024 by calling at 0019152084400.

In the 11th season of Kaun Banega Crorepati, Ajeet Kumar, a resident of Hajipur, won one crore. He was getting ready to take the position of jail superintendent for the 11th season and had succeeded in realising his ambition.

Sanoj Raj, Babita Tade, and Gautam Kumar Jha were among the other competitors that won the Crorepati award last season. Mohita Sharma, an IPS officer, and Nazia Nasim each have one rupee a crore this year.

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